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About Us

“Beauty is the Harmony of Purpose and Form”

Our Approach

YWA Studio focuses on a holistic approach to Architecture, Interior, Journey & Spatial planning. We are a design studio that strives to approach design from an explorative angle that emphasises on end user journey and experience. Finding a balance between function and form while achieving well thought out designs to improve day to day functions for the inhabitants of the space.
To provide a comprehensive service, we have two dedicated teams working in synergy to deliver a integrative design outcome. Our team at YWA Interior focuses on Interior Design, click on the link below to find out more.


Our Principle Architect Tan Yue Wei sees design as a dance between the elements, nature and its inhabitants, a place comes to be when its inhabitants occupy and interact with the elements through time and space.



Definition: “The conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person“
Professionals are known for their specialized knowledge. They’ve made a deep personal commitment

to develop and improve their skills. Professionals get the job done. They’re reliable, and they keep their promises. If circumstances arise that prevent them from delivering on their promises, they manage expectations up front, and they do their best to make the situation right. Professionals don’t make excuses, but focus on finding solutions.
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Details are what sets apart the good from the excellent. Details not only refer to our art of design, it is far reaching, and it encompasses a state of mind. This state of mind has to be inquisitive, imaginative and thoughtful. Good design not only achieves the brief, it delivers improvements in human-design

interaction while also achieving beauty in aesthetics. We aim to deliver amazing design that will only enchant you when you look closer. We want you to be able to see what went through our minds when you look at the details.
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Definition: “the gradual development of something.”
We focus on evolution to build upon our design philosophy. Delivering constant growth with every stroke of the pen. Our skills bequeathed from one project to another, constantly evolving, constantly improving. Honing this core philosophy, we apply our evolutionary approach to revolutionary designs.