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Copytron Technologies Headquarter

The proposed design is a reflection of the Company’s new leap to pave way in setting a strong identity in moving forward. Utilizing the existing and extended structure, a dynamic facade peels away to reveal a strong and bold revelation of the corporate identity; paying homage to historic roots. Sited along the expressway, it sets a bold new statement to the context of the urban fabric.

The interrelation of spaces have been composed to improve workflow and productivity with multiple insertions of communal spaces for a more humanistic routine.

The architecture has a mix of metallic and red pigments. Red, being Copytron’s brand colour, is set as the base colour of the façade. A pixelated façade completes and updates the building with a modern technological impression, signifying the company’s entry into the digital age.

  • Construction Type:

    Light Industrial

  • Location:

    Eunos, Singapore

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