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House on the Hill

The House on the Hill, designed to be a forever home for the owner’s generations to come. The Architecture focuses on providing a place of retreat where one can focus on oneself. The owner enjoys meditation and the philosophies that come along with it, therefore; the design approach aims to create spaces that are elegantly simple while providing serenity.

The orientation of the main mass takes into consideration the primary elevated and unparalleled view of the mountainous region. The structure of the house is embedded into the ground with landscape decks on the roof to minimize the buildings impact and footprint while also creating the illusion of having only a small house sitting alongside the cliff. The approach is very appropriate as the owner is a very humble and established businessman. The entire spread of the building’s main frontage can only be seen from afar, providing a very private area for the homeowner.

The design of the house also takes into consideration the prevailing winds and frequent typhoon in the area. The placement, orientation and decision to carve the main mass into the topography allows for maximum protection from strong prevailing winds. Other defensive Architectural approaches include walls that can close in on the wide glass façade, creating an armadillo like approach to protect the home.

As the owner is a big fan of green Architecture, considerations such as natural ventilation, lighting and rain water harvesting are strategically designed to be integrated into the home.

Target Completion: 2022

  • Construction Type:

    Resort, Hospitality

  • Location:

    Santa Maria, Philippines

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